Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I guess it was bound to happen, I now seem to be writing a series of posts around Matching. This is where I’ll keep my list of these posts, related articles and posts from other sources:
  • Social Media Matching – Looks at how in many ways, everything is matching. The BIG value lies not in “deep relationships” brought online, but in leveraging the breadth and time-and-place independent access to other people. I think of LinkedIn as a A 24x7 networking cocktail party with 60M+ people – the challenge in that environment is how you get matched to other people. The real innovation and true value creation is going to occur around taking the massive network with little to no existing relationships and helping to find matches, foster conversation, and build relationships where they make sense.
  • Matching Algorithms – Looks at what’s really required for a matching algorithm to be viewed as matching and not just filtering – and the concept that there’s margin in mystery.
  • Social Filtering – Content matching based on social signals.
  • Resident Matching Algorithm – looks at a particular balancing matching algorithm that is used to match people onto residency programs. This is more of an optimization problem than a matching problem.
  • Match Performance Support – looks at what’s needed after you establish a match: support the communication process.
  • Match Algorithm and Inputs - details of what inputs make sense and how they relate to matching algorithms.
If you have pointers to good overview articles around matching that I should include here, please let me know.

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