Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Southern California Tech Central

I am excited to be participating in and announcing the of:

This is a community of people in Southern California who have come together to help find and organize the best content from blogs, news sources and other web sites all around technology in So Cal. The goal is to create a place where it's easy to find current and highly relevant content. And perhaps to stimulate new connections.

This site is being sponsored by the Technology Council of Southern California and my company TechEmpower. It also is using technology that we've developed over the past few years that powers a few different similar sites. You can read more about the technology in the post: Topic Hubs.

You can get a sense of the power of the site by visiting the site and clicking a keyword on the left. For example, if you click on Startup, you find:

=> The most recent posts, announcements and web pages on the top of the page that relate to Startups.

=> The best (according to social signals across the network) content below that such as:
=> The keywords on the left are ordered according to their relationship to the current term. So you can see that

are all considered highly relevant to the term "startup."

As the site runs, it will get better at finding great content.

You can find Featured participants listed on the right hand side of each page. When you choose one of them such as Cliff Allen on Marketing, you will see the keywords are now based on what Cliff discusses more than other bloggers. You can see that he talks about: Marketing, Metrics, Customer and Social Media more than most. Lower on the page, you can find the best posts from Cliff based on social signals with the top spot belonging to his 9 Marketing Trends for 2009.

If you have ideas on how to improve the site or what to do something similar, I certainly would like to hear about it.