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Digital Revenue Expert – Vince Thompson

More Visible Networking? this time with Vince Thompson.

Vince Thompson

You’ve got a REALLY diverse background. What’s the short version?

Vince: I’m an author, speaker and management consultant with a special expertise in online media sales. I started out as screenwriter, went into local television, ran ad sales in the west for AOL and joined Facebook in the companies very early days.

My management book, Ignited, was released in 2007 and serves a guide and champion for middle managers.

Today I lead a small consultancy that helps advertising supported develop and scale the revenue producing sides of their businesses. I also serve as CEO of a small media companies that profile “Tomorrow’s Most Exciting People Today”. Our current focus is Actors and Actresses and we are moving into other verticals.

You can find more:

What are you working on now?

Vince: On the consulting side we are working with a unique social network, a new television network and some original video content businesses. In addition to we’re taking GumGum and their very cool advertising opportunities to market. Example here:

Like me, you have a lot of different things going on, how do you balance?

Vince: I only take business that I believe in. The client has to win...I have to be excited. With that as a start it rarely feels burdensome. As for’s not easy...but I build in some time to think. That’s important in my game. I run a lot. I try to eat dinner with my family 5 nights a week and truly take Sundays off.

Tony: I personally am torn by choices around Networking Events in Los Angeles – you can go to something almost every night. I really enjoy events where there are interesting people with interesting conversations to be had. But I also like to be home with my family (or playing volleyball or whatever). Interesting to hear how you think about this.

How do you explain your personal brand to people? I need help on this as well. :)

Vince: It’s hard sometimes to not sound like a guy trying to sell nine watches up and down his arm. I usually...just focus on revenue. People understand that. I help internet companies make money. Then...if they have an interest in that we can go from there.

Tony: That’s a great way to attack it. I’m sure it sparks interesting conversations.

What keeps you up at night?

Vince: Not much...but what do I worry about? A good deal actually as like most of us I’m always pushing for more success. Am I thinking big enough? Am I seeing the future?

What are some of the top things you've published online, e.g., blog posts?

Vince: In addition to my management writing I’ve interview many CEOs and innovators.
Here’s a series I did for CBS last year -
An some some videos along the same lines -

Tony: Some great content in there. I’d love to get your thoughts at some point about writing for these publications vs. on your own blog.

Not sure how much time you spend on your Ignited Managers, but some of the core concepts are completely in line with what I discuss in Work Literacy. For example you say:

Vince: Ignited Managers thrive because of their unique ability to connect and leverage their informal networks for the good of the company. Due to the incredible power represented by these networks, we believe that managers need a system to understand and monitor the ever-changing value of this key asset.

Tony: I come at this a bit different, especially a focus on use of social networking tools as part of this. Still it’s something that most managers need to learn how to do better.

What networking events in Los Angeles or Southern California do you go to?

  • Always On
  • Paid Content
  • TwiistUp
  • DealMaker Events
  • Digiday Events
  • And many private events.

Tony: So how do you do this and still have dinner at home?

What was the best one you've been to recently?

Vince: Digiday Mobile and Digiday Social

Who are some of your go to people in Los Angeles?


Tony: Great list. I know Jim, Mark, Kurt (see Los Angeles Technology Connector – Kurt Daradics).


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