Monday, October 26, 2009

eLearn 2009 Presentation – Twitter Along

Here is the original post I had planned, but as you can read on my post - Changes in Knowledge Work and Implications for Workplace Learning – The Keynote That Wasn't plans changed.

I'm beginning my final preparation for my presentation at eLearn 2009. As I did for my keynote at ASTD TechKnowledge in January, I'm using what I described in Twitter Conference Ideas. Particularly I'm using TweetLater to plan out my presentation and hopefully provide value to participants and people who are not attending but who might be interested in what I'm presenting.

The intent of this post is to simply alert you that I will be doing a series of tweets during my presentation that's scheduled for:

Wednesday, October 28 - 8:30 AM, Pacific Time – Convert to Your Time Zone

These will roughly go out real-time with my presentation. You can find these by following my tweets at:


But it's probably better to use twitter search to keep track of everything using the conference tag:


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